My research agenda over the past quarter century has focused on education finance.  Along the way, I was honored to be selected as distinguished research fellow by what is now the National Education Finance Academy.   Most of the attention in this research has been the fiscal equity of resource allocation, primarily in Oklahoma (which is a logical research context because I hold an appointment in a state university) over the past three decades.  Results of this research has been published in academic journals such as The Journal of Education Finance.  As Senior Researcher and Director of the Institute for the Study of Education Finance (ISEF), these research activities will intensify in the future.  

One of my proudest accomplishments is having mentored 40 graduated doctoral students as dissertation committee chair.  Additionally, I have served on hundreds of committees of graduated doctoral students. Many of my graduated doctoral students have published their dissertations in academic journals, and many serve with distinction as education leaders in Oklahoma and beyond.

Maiden curriculum vita